The Complete African Adventure Tour - We're back in action! New tour dates just announced: January 23 - February 2, 2023

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Africa, now is your chance!!!

Imagine yourself there! In the midst of the beating drums; people dancing, singing, clapping, sweating from the tropical heat. Imagine yourself being a part of that event, playing the drums, dancing. Imagine yourself lying on the beach, next to the palm trees sipping locally made wine from a half-cut gourd. Imagine yourself walking at the tops of the trees, looking out over the rainforest, listening to the sound of the birds speaking, to the sound of monkeys in the distance.

The experience of a lifetime awaits in Ghana with African Skies Music and Dance Tour.

Upcoming Performances and Events

September 3 – Free Drumming workshop for youth, ACOMI Centre

September 4 – Interactive drumming presentation on Provencher Bridge, 12-1pm, 2-3pm

September 4 – Community Drum Circle, 4:00pm

September 5 – Cultural Showcase (Drum Cafe), Steinbach Museum, 3:00pm

Past Performances:

July 16 – Winnipeg Fringe Festival (Drum Cafe)

July 23 – Folklorama Kick-Off (kids workshops-Jay, stage performance-Drum Cafe)

Aug. 7-13 – Folklorama African Pavilion (Drum Cafe)

August 19 – Winnipeg Beach Bandstand (Drum Cafe)

August 20 – Osborne Village Community Celebration – interactive presentation

August 29 – Red River College (downtown campus) – Noon hour entertainment

July 6 – Portage Place Mall (Drum Cafe)

July 2 – West End Cultural Centre Patio (Nafro Band)

July 1 – Canada Day Assiniboine Park (Drum Cafe)

June 26 – Central Park (Nafro Band)

June 25 – St. Boniface Celebre, Patio 340 (Drum Cafe)

June 18 – Cultures in the City, Steinbach (Drum Cafe)

Nov. 27 Wpg. Moose pre-game party, True North Square

Dec. 5 – Shaarey Zedek Hanukkah family night

Dec. 15 and 28 Zoo Lights Festival, Saloon tent, 6:15pm Assiniboine Park Zoo

Winnipeg Jets pre-game party, True North Square

Nafro Dance presents Call to Earth

Drum Cafe – Les Saveurs D’ La Diversite, La Broquerie, MB

Nafro Dance Productions presents Yofanana, 

Elmwood High School International Students Dinner

Ecole Varennes Family Fun Night

Drumming workshop and story of Passover at Rady JCC

CD release with Casimiro Nhussi, Pyramid Cabaret

Nafro Dance presents Mapiko at the Gas Station Theatre.

Drum Cafe performs at Winnipeg Folk Festival

Drum Cafe performs at Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Cube stage, 2:00pm

Drum Cafe performs at Folklorama Kick Off, memorial park, 4:00pm

Interactive workshops at Morris Stampede

Drum Cafe at the Cube stage, Wpg Fringe Festival 6:00pm

Drum Cafe at Folklorama Kick-off, Memorial Park, 4:00pm

Drum Cafe at Folklorama African Pavilion

Drum Cafe at closing ceremonies for Canada Summer Games

Jay drumming for Shaarey Zedek high holiday services

In addition to our series of classes, check out the sessions at McNally Robinson

Classes for Beginners introduce students to the West African djembe drum. Through fun and uncomplicated exercises students will also develop a small repertoire of rhythms, experience the art of playing a drum solo, and learn traditional drum piece incorporating the Ghanaian bell (gankogui) and gourd rattle (axatse).

Fall/Winter workshops TBA

Classes for Intermediate/Advanced are for those whose have taken at least one full session of hand drum study and have a solid understanding and technical ability with the bass, open and slap strokes. This level will lead students through a further development of ability to improvise on the drums, add more rhythms to the students repertoire and add one or more multi-part drum pieces from Ghana. 

Drum Cafe is a series of exciting, interactive, drumming sessions for corporate team building, office party entertainment, school staff team building, school student entertainment, or community entertainment. With groups from 20 – 600, everyone gets a djembe drum to play. More information is available on our website: